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Types of Cat Breeds for Sale from Walled Lake, Michigan

Fall in love with our adorable Ragdoll kittens, Persian kittens, and Himalayan kittens from Commerce Township, Michigan. Here at My Ragdolls, Persians, & Himalayans, we take great care of our fuzzy felines so that they become great companions for any age level. Call to inquire about a kitten.

A Cat of a Different Color
My Ragdolls, Persians, & Himalayansfeatures a variety of colors in our kittens, from tortie points to traditional blue points, seal points with white blaze, and bi-color to milted Ragdolls. We specialize in lynx seal and blue point milted Ragdolls with traditional deep to light blue eyes.

All our Himalayans have blue eyes and come in blue point, seal point,chocolate point, lilac points tortie point, and cream or flame points. Our Persian kittens have blue or copper eyes and range in color from solids to whites including:

→ Creams & Black Smokes
→ Cream & Lilac
→ Calico & Dilute Calico
→ Blue Cream's
→ Blue's & Blue Points
→ Chocolate/ White
→  Pure white
→  White with  Blue or 
     Copper  Eyes

→ Brown Patch Tabby
→ Black/White
→ Red/White 
→ Tortis Shell & Smoke Tabby
→ Black & Black Smoke
→ Chocolate's
→ Cream's & Cameo Shell
→ Blue Smoke's

→ Lilac/White
→ Cream/White & Cream
     Points, Seal Points
→ Blue/White & white   
→ Red Tabbys 
→ Lilac's
→ Tortis Shell
→ Tortis Shell Mackerel


About Breeding
Each Ragdoll, Persian, and Himalayan parent cat is examined by a licensed veterinarian and is free of feline leukemia and PKD (feline polytheistic kidney disease). Additionally, Persians come with a health certificate and a health guarantee against any congenital diseases.

We sell our cats for pets only and give out breeding rights only at our discretion. Upon full payment of your kitten, he or she will be checked by our veterinarian, must be neutered or spayed, before registered papers are sent to new owner ; kittens can be shiped  or by pickup.

Kitten, Himalayan Kittens in Commerce Township, MI
         Ragdoll  Blue Point Mitted
Cats, Persian Kittens in Commerce Township, MI
            Dilute Calico
Kitten, Himalayan Kittens in Commerce Township, MI
           Tortis Shell
Kitten, Himalayan Kittens in Commerce Township, MI
    Ragdoll, Seal Bicolor
Kitten, Himalayan Kittens in Commerce Township, MI
                    Red Tabby

We ship your kitten via Airline Continental for a fee of $350 including the health certificate, guarantee, first set of vaccines, and kitten carrier for you to keep. Our Ragdolls are TICA (The International Cat Association) registered and our Persians are CFA (Cat Fancier Association) registered.

Contact our cat breeders to place your order and deposit for one of our cute kitties.